Much of my work is on private enterprise applications which I can't share. Here are some projects I have been involved in that I can share. Most of these where both designed & developed by me.

Lost in the Swell

Following up the success of “Des Iles Usions”, Ewen Le Goff, Aurélien Jacob & Ronan Gladu are working on another project. They will be exploring hidden surf spots with a custom built catamaran & publishing their adventures as a web series. The website uses a responsive design to provide a great experience on all devices. A CMS was implemented to allow continuous publishing of both news articles & episodes.

Ronan Gladu is a professional surf photographer. My primary objective when developing the portfolio site was to present his work & keep the design minimal. To facilitate management, the website was developed around a CMS. The website makes heavy use of Ajax to provide a smooth user experience despite the large amount of high resolution images.


Using WiFi technology, XANkom provides last-mile broadband in Finistère, Brittany. One of my first projects when I joined the team was to create this website. Although I have made some small revisions since launching it, the initial content organisation has provided a solid foundation to build on.

Des Iles Usions

Des Iles Usion is a film & web series about three surfers living on a desert island. The project was very successful & the website received thousands of visitors a day during the release of the episodes. The site was made with the help of a graphic designer.